Pond’s Teens Concert


Okay, so maybe this event doesn’t really fit into most of Fashionese Daily reader as it geared towards those still in their teenage hood..:D. But we are still young at hearts, right?  and we have little sisters/cousins/niece that might benefit from this news.

Ponds  will be throwing a concert that will be filled with the ‘IT’ singers/bands of the moment such as Ungu, Afgan, Alexa, Nidji, Kerispatih, The Changcuters, RAN, Ello, Hijau Daun and PEE WEE GASKINS in July and August . This concert is different from any other concerts because we have more control and involvement towards making it happens, they call it ‘My Dream Concert‘ and it’s free. Well, not free ‘free’ but pretty close as we only need to buy 2 piece of POND’s Facial Foam Teens concert editions. There’s the PIN number that we can scrub in the packaging that we need to sms along with our info and  favorite band to get the free pass. They will sms the code and we can bring it to the ticket box for the exchange of the ticket.

Series of programs such competition in music and arts will also be conducted as the intention of this event is to support and help teenagers build their confidence and giving them the medium to showcase their talents.

Visit here for more info.


ponds01*Photos are from the press conference, Monday April 13 2009 @ Usmar Ismail Hall.