More Reasons to Indulge

Who doesn’t like a good massage? To me, massage isn’t only about indulging myself in the pleasure (although there’s 42-20013250nothing wrong with that!), I sometimes feel like my body literally craves for a massage. Whenever I have had headaches, cramps, extreme fatigue, sprains or even when I had clogged milk duct (anyone who’s a mom knows what this is), the first thing that comes to mind is massage. And it almost always helps.

Being Asian, we are probably familiar with massages more than people from other parts of the world. And we shouldn’t deny this heritage because massage has plenty of health benefits :

– It promotes blood circulation

– It can boost immunity

– Massage can stimulate lymphatic system which carries away the body’s waste products

– Massage reduces stress and anxiety (this we know, right?), It can also help people to better cope with pain

– For premature infants, studies have shown that massage can encourage weight gain

– It can also help women in labor to relax the muscles, reducing anxiety and pain

– And because massage involves direct touch with another person, it can make you feel cared for and can improve self-image in people with physical disabilities and terminal illnesses

My point? The next time you feel guilty by wanting to spend 1 or 2 hours to get a massage, don’t! It’s good for you and you should enjoy it.

Now, I love going to a spa as much as the next girl to get those fancy massages with aromatherapy, floral bath, ginger tea and so on, but whenever my body really needs a long, no-frills massage with extra pressure on my muscles, there is nothing that can quite beat the massage given by the family’s mbok pijet at the comfort of my own house. Do you have one? :)

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