Clinique Superdefense SPF 25 Age Defense Moisturizer


 If my memory does not fail me, it was six years ago that Clinique first launched the most brilliant moisturizer I’ve ever known, that is Clinique Superdefense. I was new in town and my skin was in complete mess due to the environmental changes that it experienced. In less than 1 month after using the moisturizer, my skin miraculously revived from the dead and adapt to the changes quite well. So when I first read that Clinique is launching new version of the moisturizer, I was thrilled especially because the new cream addresses psychological factor namely stress as one of the major culprit of premature aging other than external factor such as sun exposure, pollution and time.

Stress is one thing that we may all have to face every single day living in the modern world such as today but your skin can be prepared to face this challenge. Stress play part in the aging of skin by defeating skin’s innate defense and prevent it from naturally repairing damages within the skin. By adding the New Superdefense SPF 25++ Age Defense Moisturizer to your skin regimen, you can help your skin to combat the visible causes of aging – lines, wrinkles and uneven skin tone. You also help to better prepare your skin resistance against stressful events in the future with the help of new patented stress-neutralizing sea extract ingredient – Red Microalgae Extract which helps to bolster your skin immunity against internal factor on top of the already provided protection against the external factors.

Clinique recommends applying New Superdefense SPF 25 each morning following your 3-Step Skin Care routine. But if you’re not the 3-Step follower you can still use this moisturizer and include it in your skin care regimen. Use the moisturizer immediately after you cleanse and exfoliate your skin. The New Superdefense SPF 25 is available for 3 different types of skin – Dry Combination, Very Dry to Dry and Combination Oily to Oily.

Texture wise I see a lot of improvement from the previous Superdefense, its lightweight and non greasy and the cream immediately settle into my skin without waiting too long. Whereas the previous Superdefense feels a bit too greasy even for my very dry skin, sometimes I even have to blot my face before applying my primer. The cream provides all day moisturizing for my very dry skin without being either heavy or wet. The broad spectrum sunscreen which helps to neutralize both UVA/UVB makes it even more suitable to be used in the tropic country like ours.

superdefense-tubThe new moisturizer is still packed in the infamous green tub like the previous one. But once open you see that they’ve improved the packaging by installing airtight seal after the screw top. Like always, I would suggest in using a spatula to scoop your product out to prolong its usage.

Clinique suggested that its best to partner the New Superdefense SPF 25++ with Super Rescue Antioxidant Night Moisturizer but since I myself hasn’t tried the later product I cannot vouch for its effectiveness. I can however suggested that for those aged 30 and below to partner this moisturizer with night cream that doesn’t have any anti aging ingredient. Since this moisturizer has been aided with so many ingredients to helps defense your skin from early sign of aging I don’t think if you’re still below 30s you will need that much of anti-aging ingredients in your moisturizer or the effect will be the contrary. When I first use the product I pair it with a night cream that also have anti-aging ingredient, after a while my skin started to develop irritation because of the excess usage of ingredients that I’ve not yet needed. Whereas for those aged 35+ I would recommend to pair it with night cream that helps repair your skin condition at night.

The New Superfense SPF 25++ is sold for Rp 550,000  for 1.7 oz/50 ml.

If you’ve tried this moisturizer let us know what you think in Clinique Skincare Thread in FD Forum.