Eye Brightening Serum, the Alternative

olayLast month when my Dr. Denese eye cream has finished and I lost my Kinerase eye cream sample I thought it would be a good opportunity (or excuse) for me to run to the nearest Drugstore and exploring new eye creams that I’ve been meaning to try. There are several eye creams that I’m eyeing that afternoon, I skip everything that contain anti aging ingredients because my last eye cream was all about anti aging. 

After 30 minutes of asking millions of question to the attendance and most certainly annoyed her, I’ve picked up Olay White Radiance Eye Brightening Serum.  I’m intrigued with this brand because in general I’ve heard good review about their product and their price is quite reasonable although not cheap according to Drugstore standard.

From my observation in general Olay have 3 types of product. The whitening series suitable for teenager and women below 30 who wishes to maintain their youthful skin. Total Age Delay line is targeted for mature skin which helps to give total protection to the skin and the newest line the Regenerist helps to repair damages in them. Olay White Radiance Eye Brightening Serum is sold at Rp 98,000 for 15ml. Whereas the cream from the two other line are sold at Rp 120,000 for the Total Age Delay and Rp 155,000 for the Total Regenerist.

Olay White Radiance in general is targeting to help women to fight 5 signs of skin darkening, uneven skin tone, UV sun damage, blemishes and dull skin which at the end of the day will help us in giving the naturally perfect-looking fair complexion.

The eye cream is packaged in a tube with a very long pointy neck, this is the kind of packaging that I like the most because it’s neat and keeps the product clean. The white cream is very light and watery but it takes a while to dry. You can see that after it dries the cream settled doesn’t really settled in colourless, it became a transluscent whitish coloured film around your eye area which I guess doesnt really matter because you’re going to use your make up over it.

The cream doesnt cause irritation to my skin area and the Aloe Extract and Glycerin on its ingredients keeps my skin moisture level at bay. I notice that this cream works better in reducing the puffiness compared to the Botanics Whitening Eye Cream but of course Clinique All About Eyes is still the best one to combat that particular issue. The ingredient says that it contained Cucumber and Ginko Biloba extract which doesnt surprises me at all because they’re known as depuffer agents.

The eye cream combine with enough sleeping time really works well in lessening the dark circle around the eye causes by the previous weeks of crazy workload. I see significant change within the first 2 weeks but funnily I see that the dark circle around my left eye seemed to diminish faster than the right. That’s how I realize that the cream works! I havent seen any significant change after entering the 4th weeks, I guess the glory is short lived.

But at the price you pay, I really suggested that you go try it yourself.