House of Leather

hol03One of the classic items that will never loses value is a simple leather bag. I can never resist the temptation of a well-made, classic leather bag. I am very particular about bags, since..well you know the drill, they carry all my life so they n.e.e.d to be well made.  The craftsmanship, the stitches, the hardware, the zipper, the handle and everything has to be exceptionally good.

So even though I adore bags, I no longer buy them based on the aesthetic or the statement aspect of it, I buy them based on the functionality in addition to the quality because when I went through each one of them, it was cleared that the bags that got more mileages are the ones that are easy to get stuff in and out. I’ve gotten rid of all the ones with fussy design.

Leather is one of the most durable materials out there, it doesn’t torn apart easily, it stands the test of time, weather and abuse. So when you spend money on a  leather bag, it will surely last you a long time. The thing is, most leather bag is expensive, heck even the synthetic one is getting even more expensive these days, so what a fashionista gotta do?. Well we just have to think harder and shop smarter.

I was thrilled when I discovered this little treasure at Jl. Cikutra Bandung called House of Leather. It’s a tiny shop, in a really small alley that seems like out of nowhere, owned by Pak Ade. Even though the store is pretty small, it is packed with fine leather bags in a variety of colors, shape  and some even come with exotics embossed finished. The price is around IDR 400,000, which I really think it’s not bad at all, considering mass product synthetic ones are selling for much more than that at high street labels. We can also order bags too by giving them the picture of your dream bag.

I was eyeing that yellow croc embossed tote but wasn’t too sure about its bright color, too bad the color I wanted was not in stock.


I bought this tote, nothing spectacular about this bag but I know I will carry this through the seasons. The size is a little bit on the bigger side but that’s fine since it’s so light and divided by two big compartments for easy organization.  The ostrich finish breaks the monotonous square tote look.

You see, it’s located in a really small alley, far away from the touristy places. Btw, gotta put picture of me too..:D, looking happy with my new purchase, wearing my favorite empire waist dress bought from Juleha @ FD MarketPlaza.


Next time you go to Bandung, it’s worth to visit this friendly shop.
Jl. Cikutra No 18/148 B