Nicoline Patricia Malina – Women On Top


I don’t think many people know this talented young lady this time around in 2008, but her name is almost, if she is not already, become a household name in the world of fashion photography. She has done so many amazing works in such a short time since she moved back here.

The cinematic photographs capture the fabulous, independent, strong yet soft, sensitive and fragile side of women. Since she has a close relationship with the models, the intimate and special connection between her and them are exposed through each one of the 43 photographs. Styling wise, it feels like looking at a series of  scene from the 50’s and 60’s, breathtakingly beautiful is all I can say, thanks to the  brilliant fashion stylist, Thornandes James, with Cheyqua’s help as stylist assistant.

The exhibition is held from o3 – 10 April at the Promenade, Senayan City, so you still have time to go there and check it out.



Nicoline has just chosen as Elle Magazine Young photographer of the Year.
Big congratulation from us to Nicoline, wishing you many more exceptional achievement in the upcoming days..:))