Deszell – FD’s Newest Beauty Writer

My apology for not posting this sooner. As you have probably noticed, this beautiful lady has started writing regularly c-amaliafor FD sometime ago so this may not come as news. But we still want to formally introduce you to the newest member of FD crew.

She has been a member of our forum almost since day one. She frequents the beauty board, answering questions regarding makeup, skincare, wow-ing other members with her FOTD or displaying her newly purchased nail polishes. When she is not busy organizing events for government officials which is part of her responsibility in one of regional organizations, this effortlessly-chic woman writes, searches for the best cup of coffee and cooks for her 2,5-year-old daughter who, by the way, has started to raid her makeup closet when mommy is not looking.

Ladies, please join us in welcoming Deszell!

Sejak kapan suka makeup / beauty products?

Well it all begin when my Mom slab a powder puff onto my face during my junior high school. When my Mom told me that my face is too shiny, I really couldn’t understand what she meant by that. Make up started out as a necessity to please her but as the time goes by and I hit the puberty it became my necessity. I couldn’t even go out for my lecture without my powder and mascara.
Describe your “signature look”
It used to be colourful eye make up with nude lipstick. But I guess like everyone else here FD has changed my perspective on my look. Nowadays I can even put up neutral eye make up with red lipstick. For the time being my signature look (which could be different in a month time) would be Bobbi Brown Bone & Chocolate eyeshadow with either MAC So Scarlet lipstick or NARS Red Lizzard Lipstick. It always works for black suit day.

Describe your personal style
I’m always a huge fan of dresses and skirts and ever since I gave birth to my daughter I never touch pants ever except for the one jeans that still fit me. Tights and stockings will always remain staple items on my wardrobe. Before it was just a way so that I can have an excuse to wear my dresses and skirts during winter time but nowadays I just wear them because I heart them so much. I love shawl, pashmina and jacket because sometime Jakarta air condition building can be too cold for me. I don’t mind wearing thrifted items because sometime you can found treasure from someone else’s junk. I especially love those items that look way before my time. I don’t have any particular era that I like to follow because I’m not really a die hard vintage.

5 beauty items you can NOT live without
Oh my god this got to be the hardest question ever!

• Laura Mercier Secret Concealer
• Shu Uemura Red P 14 blush
• Clinique Superbalm
• Clinique 3 Steps
• Mascara

Beauty or fashion icon you really want to meet in person?


I love Audrey Hepburn, she embodied what we always called timeless beauty. Of course she’s blue blooded so all that gracefulness really is hereditary.

But nowadays with the rapid growth of fashion blog we see more and more real people that look extra stunning and that is more applicable for normal people like us with limited budget. My current favourite blog are Keiko Lynn (http:/, she wore colourful vintage clothing and she always have gorgeous make up. Another favourite is Lady Melbourne because it reminds me a lot of how I eventually love to dress femininely.


Dick Page makeup bag on Allure 2007

Dick Page is one of many Make Up Artists I adore. I guess he was the first name that I know and his Japan exclusive line which now has been discontinued captivate my heart and make me breathless. I guess seeing his work with Shiseido the Make Up which available here in Jakarta make my heart jump a bit because I can see his style in every color.

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