Juicy Couture S/S 09


Whenever we think about Juicy Couture, the thought of Paris Hilton wearing its famous velour sweatshirt with the word ‘Juicy’ across her behind while carrying her Chihuahua comes to mind. I know it’s probably the comfiest sweatshirt around but I also feel that it’s been played out a little too much. Juicy Couture has so many classy clothes that is overshadowed by the sweatshirt. I for one love its blazers, they give you the business attitude without looking too corporate, the fit is nice too and the lining is playful. I know no one will probably see the lining, but it’s always nice to see little detail like that. Jewelry is one of Juicy’s best item too, especially the lucky charm. The store in Plaza Indonesia is full of little trinkets like monopoly, passport case that you can give to your friends for presents, can’t resists Juicy cute packaging.

For this spring, Juicy Couture stays true to its roots, that is colorful clothes, but there are so many options to choose from whether you are going for a classic look, or a vintage look or probably an I’m-on-vacation-kind of mood. Floral prints, stripes, polkadots are among the prints that you can expect to see. All of them are playful yet still elegant, like a basic polo shirt with gold button and ruffle sleeve.


The Resort Collection


The Men’s Collection

Do you know that Juicy Couture designed Duran Duran concert outfits? I forgot the exact time, but I think it was around early last year. That collaboration inspired the design of Juicy Couture men’s collection, so you don’t have to worry about your man looking rather girly..:D. Havana suit, graphic tee, English, army inspired tee, leather jacket, argyle sweater are what I saw in the collection. Classic items with an edge!