Men in Style

I always adore men who are well dressed. They have more positive points to my eyes., not because I love fashion so I require my man to do the same (and the fact is no, I don’t have a man at the moment :p), don’t you all agree that a well dressed man looks better than those who are careless and pretend so hard to look as if they don’ care about what they are wearing?

Everytime I browse The Sartorialist I always wish that there are better dressed men in and around Jakarta . The truth of the matter is; most men I see are wearing the same thing. Shirt + pants, shirt + jeans, and their best effort seem to be wearing a vest or blazer over shirt. That’s all. Even if the trend is evolving, they seem not to have enough guts to pull it off. One of many excuses I have heard is, “Pria straight mana yang ngikutin fashion?”


It’s so sad, isn’t it? How most men are stuck into such paradigm, that straight men can’t like fashion. I‘m not really sure whether this is only happening in Indonesia or this  is also applies in other countries, my guess is that our culture won’t let men to pay much attention to fashion. Just open our history book, see what Indonesian men wore back in the past. Most of them were topless and sometimes they just covered their intimate parts with sarong or just a piece of cloth. Well-dressed men mostly came from royal or rich family, or at least those who had power.


There is hope however. Perhaps the growth of fashion media nowadays could help men have more consideration in fashion. I have started to realize how menswear has become very huge in the world’s fashion industry. Many fashion designers and celebrities who become designers have launched their new menswear line. Remember ladies, no markets, no new lines. So, isn’t it quite obvious that apparently men started to heart fashion as much as we do?


*pics from The Sartorialist