Double Protection for your Eyes Area


For those looking for an eye cream with the ultimate anti-aging active ingredients, whose better than Dr. Denese to leave your faith with. I’ve been hearing my fellow Bencong friend and anti-aging addict raving about Dr. Denese products especially the eye and neck cream. So when I saw Dr. Denese HydroShield Eye Fix Duo Upper & Under Eye Care up for sale in FDMP, I immediately snatch it. This particular eye cream wasn’t the one Dundan raving about, but I will tell you why I love this product.


So who’s Dr. Denese? She is a Hungary born medical doctor whose specializes in anti-aging with a Ph.D in Neuroschience and Neuropsychology. She won a Research Fellowship at Harvard Medical School and received her M.D. at Cornell University Medical College. With that, I left it to your judgment whether she is worth your money or not.

Dr. Denese believes that there’s no single product that will solve all of your skincare needs. According to her it is impossible to get all of the benefits you want into a single product. She explained on her website that many of the active ingredients found in skincare product don’t mix well together. Many good active ingredients cancel out each other and at the end of the day you will not get the benefit out of the ingredient at all. She uses far higher concentrations of active ingredients and compatible with each other in her skincare product.


Getting back to the product, Dr. Denese HydroShield Eye Fix Duo Upper & Under Eye Care is an eye cream for the upper and under eye area. The products for the upper and under eye area were housed on a separate screw top tub which placed on top of each other. Each cream contained 0.5 oz worth of products, the under eye cream will last for around 6 months whereas the upper eye cream will last longer at around 12 months. This eye cream is best suited for anyone who wishes to repair the wrinkles around the eye area and those who have dry and dehydrated skin.


The powerful duo addresses the total eye area with HydroShield technology and unique firming ingredients. I’ve not fully understand how the technology works but to my understanding this helps locking the moisture in your skin and continuously hydrates your skin.


The under eye cream is a greenish blue gel textured product which feels a little bit silicony like face primer. It glides easily and settled into your skin immediately. Perfect to be used in the morning because you don’t have to wait until the eye cream dries and the silicony texture provides an excellent base for your concealer. I’ve noticed that whenever I used this product my concealer creases less and stays longer throughout the day. Upon application you feel your under eye area to tighten a little bit instantly. I have alot of fine lines causes by both hereditary factor and dehydration.


The upper eye area which contains firming ingredients helps to keep your upper eye area elasticity and moisturize it at the same time to keep your skin stays young. The upper eye cream is a white cream which is light and feels rich but not overly rich. However, like any other cream it took a while to dry therefore I always used the upper eye cream first before the under eye cream to give it some time to dries.


When I first started using this cream I remember how distressed my skin was. I have barely enough sleep because I have no helper at home and enormous amount of work piling up from the Eid holiday. Most of my problems derive by environmental factors not because of ageing. But I can see instantly that within the first 2 weeks of usage how the skin improve rapidly from lifeless dull skin to a more youthful supple skin. After 6 weeks of usage I can see that the under eye fine lines smoothen although not completely disappear. The lines have become very fine instead the horrific deep crow feet creeping through the edges of my eyes. The upper eye cream however did not really do much difference for me. I guess I have not enough problems there other than dehydration to see significant change. For me the upper eye cream act more as prevention rather than reparation. I see the need to give the extra care to the upper eye area because we torture them every single day by using excessive eye make up product in that area.


Sadly, the Dr. Denese HydroShield Eye Fix Duo Upper & Under Eye Care at $32.50 is only available in the U.S. If you’re really dying to get this product you either find a nice friend to custom purchase it for you or go to FDMP, who knows that it might be your lucky day.


I have seen that nowadays many drugstore brand have produced similar product which targeted both the upper and under eye area with separate product and also contain anti-ageing ingredients. Although not instantly, but in the future I will use this eye cream as a basis of comparison to find other alternative for similar eye cream from our drugstore skincare corridor.


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