First FD Twitter Contest

twitter-birdYesterday, we had a Twitter contest. Who will get the goodies? @ruthwijaya, @missyita, @candrakirana, @kawaiicelia, @mizzdevi or @vitsky? We’ll announce the lucky Twitter users in the next few days.

Anyway, what is it all about? If you read this blog regularly, we’ve posted a little bit about Twitter — a microblogging service — last month. And, we promised that we would have a contest… on Twitter. Today, we had our first contest, and Hanzky gave all the questions. Hey, we should do it again! Anyone? :D

We asked five questions:

  1. Pertama kali forum dibuka? (Bulan dan tahun) #
  2. Ada yang tau FD office boy @thomasarie tinggalnya dimana? :D #
  3. What’s the name of the column that shows picture of people’s outfit? (Easy Breezy) #
  4. FDers favorite Makeup Artist? (Spell the name correctly) #
  5. http:/ – Who is this mystery lady? (Hint: She’s an Indonesian Celebrity) #

And, we got many responses. If you want to follow the conversation during the contest, check out the timeline. You will see who has the fastest fingers. :D Here are some responses — okey, let’s call them “tweets”:


  • @vitsky: @fashionesedaily yah kalah cepet sama kembgul! Iya.. Mei 2007.. huhu.. bener ngga? #
  • @mizzdevi: @fashionesedaily arghh keduluan @missyita! :P gimana klo pake tgl? hahaha *sotoy* Mei 28, 2007 #
  • @ruthwijaya: @fashionesedaily ah, daripada ntar diskualifikasi krn gak jawab yg ini, gw jawab ah, mei 2007 & gw gabung juni 2007 :D hehehehehe #
  • @missyita: I’m keeping up with @fashionesedaily Twitter Contest! The hardest competitors are @vitsky and @ruthwijaya. Ayo berjuang dengan jempol! #
  • @ruthwijaya: @fashionesedaily aduuuuh I’m bad when it comes to name….apalagi artees, nunggu pertanyaan lain ah *nyiapin jempol baik2* #
  • @missyita: @fashionesedaily oke hanzky dan thomas! kupergunakan seluruh upaya untuk menebak quiz ini! tunggu aku tas baru..! aku mau semedi dulu. hehe #
  • @fashionesedaily: The race for the Kitson tote bag is over. Who’s the mystery girl? Angel = Bidadari (sinetron) Zainuddin MZ & Meggy Z= MZ Marini Zumarnis..:D
  • @ruthwijaya: Mengistirahatkan jempol sambil berdoa supaya menang :D @fashionesedaily seru banget deh… #
  • @missyita: The twitter war has finished. Wish me luck! Kalo emang rejeki, hadiahnya nyampe deh ke rumah. Hihi. Anak @fashionesedaily barbar semua nih.. #
  • @slesta: @fashionesedaily ini artis ngetopnya gara2 sinetron ato iklan apa? *ikutan penasaran*

Anyway, I think I want to share you more about Twitter:

  • You can join this contest if you follow @fashionesedaily. So, join Twitter and start follwing us. Hit the “Follow” button.
  • You can read other responses from our followers IF you and her/him are following each other — and you’re following @fashionesedaily
  • We want to follow FD members on Twitter, but it’s not easy to find who the members are. So, if you’re our forum members, let us know about you. Just send a simple tweet, something like: @fashionesedaily hi!. It’s better if you tell your name/nickname. :)
  • Last but not least, I think it’s better if you work on your profile: change the avatar, edit the profile info (you can keep your updates private if you want to).

I think we should have another contest like this. Anyone?