Twit!! Twit!! Twitter Giveaway!


Two winners will be chosen to receive these awesome goodies straight from the Kitson Boutique in Robertson Boulevard!

Here’s the Rules:

  • You need to have a Twitter account
  • Follow us @fashionesedaily
  • We will ask questions on Twitter and you just need to reply by clicking the reply icon (see below)


  • After that, copy paste one of your today tweets in the comment box.
    The copy paste will more or less look like this: Pampering my irritated skin with mask and extra moisturizers .deszell from TwitterBerry
  • If you are the first to answer the questions correctly you’ll win the tote bag right away. The runner up will be chosen randomly from the comment section below to receive the make up pouch…:)
  • FD Crews and their families are not allowed to participate in the contest..:P…j/k about the family part..
  • Those living overseas can still participate as long as you have mailing address in Indonesia.

So when will it start? Well just look out for our Tweet (maybe sometime tomorrow?) Good luck!!