Red with your Power Suit


What do you do with clothes that you dont love anymore? You can either give it away to charity, throw it to FDMP or give it a “face lift”. I choose the later. I made this short jacket quite sometime ago just simply because I need more black suit. Everytime I look at the jacket, I despise it because it just look so boring. So instead of throwing it away, I cut the long bubble sleeve into 3/4 sleeve and give it a gold zipper and change the very normal and boring black plastic button with vintage style gold button.

Yesterday was a black suit day, and I tried to inject a dash of red to the boring black. And dont you just envy my new bag? It’s so roomy, has lotsa pocket and the colour is just so eyecatching.

Outfit detail:
Jacket – Custom made, from kain kiloan :)
Tank top – Zara
Skirt – Iora
Elastic Belt – XSML
Scarf – bought in Turkey
Bag – Ciciero Aida
Platform phyton sandals – Pedder Red
Ring – Forever 21