FD is on Femina & Herworld Magazine!

Last week FD was featured in two magazines. The first one I saw was Femina Magazine. I didn’t expect that it would be published this soon considering the interview was just the week before. I guess, Khairiyyah Sari, the fashion and beauty editor really mean it when she said she was in a really tight deadline..:D. Well glad we could be help a little bit..:). If you notice, Dini from akusukatas.com is also featured there (that’s her in the picture!). This edition is packed with inspiring story, from Indonesia shoes entrepreneur, infamous bloggers and interesting fashion spread that is coincide with the release of Confessions of a Shopaholic the movie, of course with a more wearable style.


The other magazine is Herworld that writes a review about the beauty section of FD. It also says that if you every in the hunt for beauty products that are not available in Indonesia, just visit Beauty Warehouse at FD MarketPlaza and purchase them from FD Certified Seller..:-). So thanks a lot for the helpful and dedicated sellers….and also to Shinta Rosvita, the managing editor of Herworld for the superb review..:)