All Around Heavy Duty Eye Cream

estee-lauder-anr-eyeEstee Lauder Advanced Night Repair Eye Recovery Complex can may well be called one of the all around eye cream existed in the market. It promises to repair and protect at the same time. I know that most eye cream usually targeted for specific issue or concern but for this eye cream although not thorough it can helps with several concern – mine at least.

The Estee Lauder ANR Eye is packed in a square glass jar, which actually posh but not very convenient for travelling. It comes with a spatula with a round ball like end which is very useful to place products to the skin within the eye area. To use the product just tap the eye cream with the ball end of the spatula, and place three dot under your eye area and tap it with your fingers. I really like the idea of the ball head spatula because it feels like the ball head is lightly massaging my under eye area. Another reason is because it is relatively cleaner to scoop the product with the spatula and this will elongate the product lifetime because most eye cream are easily contaminated and spoilt. Im a tad annoyed by the lid top though, rather than using air tight plastic top they only use plastic cover which I eventually threw and doesn’t bother keeping it at all because it’s too flimsy.

When I first use it I’m really surprised at the formula of the eye cream which is pretty similar to the cream/gel texture of Clinique All About Eyes, after all they’re both are under the same parent company. The Estee Lauder ANR Eye however is much silkier, thicker and feels richer than Clinique AAE.It doesnt feel greasy on the skin but it may take a while to dries. But in the morning I dont have all the time in the world, sometimes I just put my concealer on eventhough it’s not completely dry yet. Like Clinique AAE, Estee Lauder ANR Eye is also very helpful in making sure that my concealer blends right in – so no problem there.

Estee Lauder ANR Eye is suitable for day and night use. During the day it provide us with the protection that we need, so it helps prevent damages arise from environmental cause. It claim to neutralizes up to 90% of environmentally-generated free radicals so it has only very little chance of ruining your skin since environmental factor is the most dangerous enemy for the skin. While you’re busy doing your day activity the eye cream also work in maintining skin’s natural production of collagen so that the existing lines on the eye area will be smoother and preventing new lines from appearing.

At night when you’re sleeping and your skin cells are working at its best the cream helps to ensure the recovery process causes by environmental stress during the day and soothed your skin so that the skin on your eye area will be able to sleep with you and kiss daily irritation good bye. This cream is also rich in reserve anti-oxidants which is built to help replenish skin’s natural protectants and combat the visible signs of aging by boosting skin’s natural renewal process.

Vitaminc C and E and a plant -derived hydrating complex provide you with round the clock moisture leaving your skin smooth and soft even if you have to be inside air conditioned building all day. Vitamin C is also known as one of the ingredient that can help to lighten your skin.

Now that I’ve laid out the pros, let me start the cons by telling you that sometime this eye cream sting my eyes. It happens when the condition of my skin areas are in its most perfect condition. Whenever I see problem on my undereye area, it seemed that the cream works perfectly fine. So I would suggest that if you dont have any problem with your undereye area, please skip this eye cream and move on to the next review. It seemed that this cream is so progressive that when nothing is left to mend it started to irritate the eye. I also wouldnt recommend to use this cream on the upper eye area because the upper eye area will only need eye cream that helps to maintain it’s elasticity and moisture level. Secondly, it seemed that this cream doesnt last long, my tub only last for 8 months max. But it doesnt surprise me at all because I have the same experience with Clinique AAE so thats why I’m very generous when using both eye creams.

Estee Lauder Advance Night Repair Eye Recovery Complex is available at all Estee Lauder counter Nationwide. It’s sold for $ 48.50 (15ml) in the U.S.

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