Twitter: What are you doing?

As always, if I write a post here, it will be out of topic, totally unrelated to fashion, bags, shoes, or MAC. I don’t even want to imagine if I write about those topics… :D

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I want to talk about Twitter! Yeah, you might notice about this service¬† since we’ve been utilizing it to publish short updates related to our site status since a long time ago. I see many of you are already following us. Here, I will share a little bit about how we use Twitter and how you can use Twitter.

If we define what Twitter is, the simplest answer is: Twitter is basically just like Facebook status. Status and conversation, limited to 140 characters for each one. In the past, I only report about the technical aspects of Fashionese Daily (blog maintenance, forum upgrades, server updates, etc), but now we’re also using it to follow the conversation, report what we’re doing, what we have in mind, what we just bought, sales info. Anything we want to share that doesn’t need its own article. Need examples?

  • Inhaling the luxurious smell of expensive leather at the new LV store in Plaza Indonesia :) -Koukla (status)
  • We’re invited to LV’s new store press party tomorrow and I have nooo idea what to wear! Heeelp! -Koukla (status)
  • Very happy with the result of the new moisturizer that able to get me through the busy week with flawless skin condition .deszell (status)
  • OTW to Ambas to get a charger for my Blackberry, let’s see if that would be the only thing coming home with me :D – hanzky (status)
  • Went to Pasar Baru thrift store by chance and accidentally spent IDR 80.000 for 2 blazers. That’s why I prefer Pasar Senen better!! -Cheyqua (status)
  • Our forum is not available right now for short maintenance. (status)

If you follow us, you can get updates automatically, but if you don’t you can only read it from our index page. So, if you already have a Twitter account, you can start following us. Just head to Fashionese Daily Twitter page, and hit the follow button. Of course, you have to login first.

Following the discussion

There are many ways to get into the conversation. If you have account, there are some ways to enjoy the conversation.

  • If you’e using Mozilla Firefox as your internet browser, you can install Twitterfox extension. Add an account there, and you should get notification from the status bar.
  • Twitterberry is a Blackberry mobile client you can choose if you’re using Blackberry.
  • If you want deal with Twitter using desktop application, you can install Tweetdeck.

Of course, there are still many applications you can choose. Go to Twitter Apps page, and choose the best application for you.

Jump into discussion

You have a Twitter account, now what? You can follow us, and follow other people/websites/blogs with Twitter. You can send public message to us by typing: @fashionesedaily your message here. We follow some members and we want to follow more. So, shoot us a message, tell who you are — don’t be stranger s:), we’ll follow you.

Anyway..since you’ve been so kind to read this to the last paraghraph, I’ll give you a heads up.¬† In the near future, we will throw a contest using Twitter. See…the more reason to sign up for it and be even more inseparable with your Blackberry.