FD Sniff Gathering

42-15980121I have always dreamt about getting together with fellow perfume enthusiasts, learning about fragrances, sniffing new and unique scents, discussing the top, middle and base notes, the sillage, the story and inspiration behind the fragrances, where the notes come from, what images they evoke and so on.

Luckily, I met some people in our own forum, who share the same passion and interest and within a few days, the gathering plan come together and now it’s gonna happen in less than a week!

It’s gonna be a small and intimate event (as it should be, otherwise it won’t be effective) and we have about 7 seats left so I’m calling out to you, perfume enthusiasts, to come and meet us! Please keep reading for more info.

FD Sniff Gathering

DATE & TIME  :    Saturday, February, 28. 2009 @ 10.30 am
PLACE  :   M lounge. M Pacific Place.
THEME  :   “Premiere” (Atendee brings the first perfume that he/she fell in love with , give the what and why)
DRESS CODE  :   Naked (no lotion, no frags, short sleeve).
ATTENDEE  :  max 12 people

To RSVP, Please click here

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Looking forward to seeing you on the event!

Special thanks to M Pacific Place and Aura Cantik

Image is taken from pro.corbis.com – Maryln Monroe applying Chanel No.5. It is one of my most favorite photographs :)