109. Inside Prairiechick’s Bag


The Bag: 2009 Chanel Maxi Red Lambskin (my new HG bag :D)

The Contents:

  • LV Vernis French purse (in an old red color. I’ve had this for years so it’s gotten really dirty inside, thankfully you can’t really tell from the outside :p)
  • LV groom agenda (It was sold out everywhere at the time, thankfully my co-worker managed to find this one for me when he was in NY)
  • Envirosax reusable shopping bag (this Eco-friendly bag is seriously a lifesaver! I use it for everything, from carrying my grocery to storing my leftovers lunch) (Click here to see more)
  • A polkadot soft camera case for my Canon PowerShot SD1100 IS
  • A travel size lint roller (a must have!)
  • 2 cell phones: Sony Ericsson Z710i and Motorola Q
  • A foldable purse hanger (it is a must have for any purse aficionado ;))
  • Halls
  • MAC lipstick in Nada (now discontinued.. thank goodness for ebay!!)
  • Travel-size Stila lip gloss
  • MAC cosmetic case (from a few years ago, I believe it was part of their Christmas collections)
  • Car key, house key, etc
  • Sephora travel mirror brush

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