L’Occitane Honey Lemon Delicious Gloss

locc01Girls can never have too many of everything, right? Be it shoes, bags, clothes…or lipgloss!!.

I recently tried this new lip product from L’Occitane which surprisingly acts as two different products in one package. It gives you the shine of a gloss with a nourishing benefits of a lip balm.  I know we probably already have too many lip glosses, but how many of them are enriched with shea butter and taste as sweet as honey and lemon?

We’ve covered shea butter before in here and we know just how good it is to our skin. Lemon is high with vitamin C and honey is a good source of antioxidant, so this little tube is packed with all the good things that nature gives us.

The lip gloss has the little strap that you can loop it to your cell-phone, key-ring or bags..so you will not lost it (unless you lost your cell-phone). So whenever your lips feel chapped or a bit dry you can just swipe the gloss over, you’ll get the treatment and the subtle shiny look that your lips deserve,  guaranteed won’t make you look like you just ate a few pieces of greasy bakwan goreng..;)
Pic 1: L’Occitane Honey Lemon Delicious Gloss, worn over  nude lips

Pic 2: Lipstick on without any gloss, my lips look kinda dull

Pic 3: L’Occitane Honey Lemon Delicious Gloss worn over lipstick for  luminous lips!


6 ml: IDR 150,000, Will be at the L’Occitane counter on February 20.

Other products from L’Occitane Honey & Lemon Limited Editions collections include : Honey & Lemon Shimmering Eau de Toilette 100 ml, Softening Oil & Body Massage 100 ml,  Hand Cream 30 ml and Scented Candle 100 gr.