Cupcakes Heaven for the Birthday Girls

clinique-fd-cupcakes-1Those who came to Clinique & FD Birthday Bash at Plaza Senayan will remember the yummy cupcakes that are beautifully arranged in tiered cupcakes holder. I remember how the participants eagerly took the cupcakes from its holder right after blowing the candles and eating it on the spot because its just too irresistible. The frosting is rich and sweet but not too overly sweet with edible cake decorations. Yes you can chew those flowers and butterflies! We’ve got a surprise tiny choc chip on the cupcakes too.

So eventhough it’s over one week too late we would like to thank Cupcakes Heaven for providing the wonderful Birthday Cupcakes. Yuli, the owner of Cupcakes Heaven has been very helpful in the ordering process. Although we order in such a short notice, the result is completely satisfying because she understands no birthday will be complete without a birthday cake.






 To order Cupcakes Heaven please visit their Multiply or Flickr account, or directly contact Yuli at 0812 812 7970 or (021) 7056 4630. You can also send an email to her at or buzz her at her Yahoo Messanger She would be more than happy to personalize your cupcakes for you.

So what are you waiting for? Go take a peek at her cupcakes photos, cause frankly speaking I’m already drooling looking at the photos.