Today’s Outfit is Back

I remember when I started Fashionese Daily, I used to post my today’s outfit on the blog. At first I was just lying the outfit together and snapped a picture of them, it was actually easier to just take the picture with the clothes worn on me, but I didn’t have the guts because well I just didn’t have the confidence. Oddly enough, the confidence started to grow during the first stage of my pregnancy, maybe because it made me have excuse regarding my far-fro- flat belly..:D. Starting from then on, the outfit was shown worn, but it only lasted until I gave birth because with two kids and taking care of the house and the moving arrangement, I didn’t even have the time and energy to put extra effort to dress up, and it was extra hard when nothing seemed to fit..:(

So enough of the prolong, I just think it would be fun to bring this section back, especially when Koukla, Cheyqua and DYS are willing to participate too. It’s always fun to see how other people put their outfits together, right? Although I admit mine is pretty mainstream..:D

Here’s what I wore today to the MAC in Mode event. Thanks to Ragil who took the picture..:)


– Miss Me Safari-Style Linen Blazer with Belt
– Forever 21 3/4 Length Denim. This is my HG pants, I wear them all the time, so expect to see a lot of them here..:D
– Amante Platform Peeptoe Shoes
– Burberry Manor Bag