Garnier Light Eye Roll-On

lightrollon15-3d-071008Behind every successful woman is a substantial amount of coffee. ~Stephanie Piro

Unfortunately, I have to agree. Not that I’m a successful woman. But in order for me to be successful in anything I attempt to do, be it writing an prize-winning blog post :D, or driving my baby girl to my parents’ house in the pouring rain so I can attend a meeting, I need a substantial amount of coffee to keep me awake.

Any task becomes even more challenging when you’re constantly sleep-deprived. I won’t go into details but let me just say that anyone who said their 1 year-old sleeps through the night, everynight, better stop gloating and come to my house to show me how! :)

Anyway, while my daily dose of caffeine works to keep me alert, my eyes sadly can not lie. When you have been sleeping for less than the required 8 hours, no matter how much concealer you wear, the tiredness will most likely to show on your eyes. After particularly exhausting nights, my eyes are usually puffy in the morning and the dark circle looks more pronounced as the day goes by.

On one of these days, I reached for a new product from Garnier. It’s called Light Eye Roll-On. It’s an eye cream which has a little nifty roller attached at the end of the tube that you can use to massage your under eye area. This action is said to promote blood circulation which helps to clear out the hideous dark circle. The cream itself contains caffeine which acts as a stimulant to promote micro-circulation.

That morning, after my usual cleanse-tone-moisturize routine, I decided to skip my eye cream and applied this garnier-eyerollproduct instead. The cream, is actually too light to be considered cream. It vanished instantly into my skin and unfortunately didn’t leave my under eye area moisturized enough. However the little roller ball felt nice and soothing on my skin. I stashed the tube into my makeup bag and went on with my activities, hoping I could try it again when I needed some touch up.

Fast forward to post lunch time. The tiredness hit me, and I was nursing my second cup of coffee when I remembered the Garnier Light Eye Roll-On. I massaged my under eye with the product, this time using it on top of my makeup, dabbed the product with my finger a little and looked into the mirror. Guess what? My eyes looked visibly brighter and more open!

eclatdevant-lighttourneic281-copie-smallSo I concluded that while Garnier Light Eye Roll-On probably won’t replace your regular eye cream, it is a pretty handy product to have in your makeup bag when you need an instant “eye-lift”, a little pick-me-up for your tired eyes as it provides quick and immediate effect, albeit temporary. The little roller ball does give you a nice “cooling” sensation and because it’s such a light cream, it will not smudge your makeup at all. For IDR 59,000 a pop, I guess it’s safe to say that every girl should have it in their purse :)

Garnier Light Eye Roll-On is available in major supermarkets and drug stores.

Image courtesy of Garnier Indonesia and FashioneseDaily