Never too late: 2009 Fashion Resolution

I think I know too many people who have stopped making new year resolution because they have finally realized that when January is over, they will be too caught up with life and work anyway that they don’t even have time to keep track on their resolutions.

For the past 3 years, I have made a different kind of resolution, a more specific one that is my fashion resolution..:D. Afterall, fashion and shopping are a big part of our life since they are directly involved with our bank account so we do need to plan everything accordingly, especially with the financial meltdown that is happening around.

Since I no longer live in the States, I do have to make changes on my fashion life. Not only because of the weather differences but also my lifestyle and day to day activity have shifted. Now I get to shop at entirely different places and have to be more creative since unfortunately we have less variety of shops here. Gone are the days when I can just hop to H&M to find affordable with reasonable quality clothes, or when I can find designer pieces at a price that won’t make me think twice, or when I just easily bid on eBay or walk around my neighborhood on a Saturday morning to check out the garage sale where I can find treasured vintage clothes at a mere 5 bucks.

I do miss the kind of shopping I used to have back in the States, but you know what, shopping in here is equally interesting if we want to look beyond what the malls offer. Like I said, we just have to be more creatives.

With that said, here’s my list:

Support Indonesian Brand
Yes, from now on I will branch out and look beyond the high street labels. I’m being realistic here though, I won’t be dropping the the big retail stores completely because I can always find something I like there from time to time and practicality is sometime what win them over since they are widely available. But at least I want to keep reminding myself that I do have other choices and we do have hidden gems waiting to be discovered. Local brands are only produced in limited quantities so the chance of me bumping into other people wearing the same clothes are much smaller than when I wear the mainstream labels. Many of our designers here have second or even third line that we can easily find in Department Stores. Some of them are still on the expensive side but some are within our range, and even if they are slightly expensive they are so beautifully made and therefore worth the money.

On a bigger scale, supporting local brands does more than just filling another space in my closets because I am doing my part to help save the country through financial hardship. Local businesses create jobs in here because they are investing the money right here in the country and the money we spent will be invested back and help make them grow.

Anyway, I already have two recent purchase on this category that I’m going to share in the next few posts.

Fit fit fit
res01I have learned, again and again that no matter how pretty the dress is if it doesn’t fit right, it won’t look good. The dress won’t look nice and you won’t look nice either wearing it. Here we’re so lucky that tailor is everywhere and they are relatively cheap. There’s even the door-to-door tailor that goes around the neighborhood with a bicycle. So with this luxury that we have, there’s no excuse not to have clothes that are properly fit.

Remember that clothing size is standardized but each of us have different body shape so how could the adopted standard fit our unique body? Do you know why back in the days people look sophisticated? It was because we didn’t have mass produced items so each of the clothes were measured to fit their every curves. I have sorted my clothes and now have two bags of clothing needing to be altered.

Custom Made Clothes
res02I went to Mayestik and Pasar Tanah Abang the other day and fell in love with the myriad of fabrics and colors that were presented before my eyes. So after a little haggling, I took three fabrics home and brought three of my favorite tops to the tailor so he can copy them. Easy Breezy!. Not to mention it saves a lot! For now, I don’t have time to look for inspiration or transfer the design ideas that I have in mind my ideas to my tailor (I have zero drawing talents), but I will try when I have the time. It takes effort to have custom made clothes, but you know what it’s worth the time and the effort because we’ll like everything about it; the prints, the materials, the shape, the fit, there’s so much thought that go into the clothes..and the real bonus is the sense of exclusivity that comes from wearing the clothes.

Three resolutions that should not be hard to accomplish. I wonder what your fashion resolutions are?