Lip Silicone Curvy

Angelina Jolie lips maybe a gift of nature that is nothing but a dream for people like me who’s born with not even half of what she has. But when my friend gave me Makemania Curvy Lip Silicone with a picture of a girl flaunting her sexy fuller lips on the packaging, I found that I might have hope after all.

Make Mania Curvy Lip Silicone (1,260 Yen) claimed to be one of the best selling lip gloss in Japan. Although this lip gloss promise a fuller looking lip in an instant, this product does not give you the tingling effect due to the increase blood circulation on your lips. The result is due to its soft shiny particles which will help reflect the light combine with the thick formula of the gloss, giving you fuller bee stung lips. You can see how thick the formula of this lip gloss is even on its tube – the lip gloss doesn’t move at all on its tube. At first, I found the thick and sticky formula rather annoying, but after a while the lip gloss will settle into your lips and the stickiness will eventually subside. I think the thick formula is also the reason why this lip gloss is one of the most moisturizing and long-lasting that I’ve ever tried.

What I particularly like about this lip gloss is its spatula application compared to most lip gloss applicator made from sponge which sometimes get really dirty from lipstick smudges due to application. With this kind of applicator, each time you use the lip gloss you can just wipe off the excess so that it will remain clean and the lip gloss will last longer. Every now and then I will wipe the spatula applicator with alcohol to elongate its usage time.

Make Mania Curvy Lip Silicone is also available from Sasa with 4 varieties of colors and clear.