Vaseline Intensive Care Healthy Sunblock SPF 30/PA++

I don’t know why but the price of good sunscreen lotions in Indonesia is really high, compared to e.g. the US or Australia. That’s why it makes me happy to have found this sunscreen: Vaseline Intensive Care Healthy Sunblock. It is broad spectrum (i.e. protects against UVB and UVA as indicated by it’s protection factor SPF 30/PA++), water resistant, not (too) sticky, moisturizing, and at Rp23,00 for a 100ml tube, relatively cheap! What a deal!

When you first put the lotion on, it is a bit sticky with a pronounced white cast. But I find that after a few minutes, the stickiness is much reduced, and the white cast disappears. It does not dry completely matte, but given the level of protection, the price, water resistance and fragrance, I can definitely live with a slightly sticky, but somewhat glowy, skin.

The active ingredient in this sunscreen is zinc oxide. While people who mostly work outdoors may want to get a sunscreen with better protection, this is sufficient for those of us who spend minimal amount of time exposed to the sun (i.e. during travel to and from the office, or school, or to lunch). It also contains aloe extract and glycerin, so I find it moisturizing enough. People with dry skin may still want to use moisturizers under this. The lotion smells nice, a bit orangey, and given my recent kick for orange-based perfumes, blends quite well with what I currently have on rotation. In fact, I think this sunscreen smells like the dry down of Marc Jacobs’ Orange Splash!

The tube size is perfect for your handbag, though I wish they would also make a bigger tube since with regular use you go through it quite quickly. Surprisingly I haven’t seen any advertisements for this sunscreen; there’s not even a decent picture of it in Google.

I bought my tube at the Sogo Food Hall for Rp23,000, but subsequently found it at Pasar Baru for Rp20,000. People have reported seeing this at Carrefour.