Itje Her Hair & Beauty Salon

If you’ve been living in Jakarta all your life, chances are you’ve heard of Itje Hair & Beauty Salon. Your moms probably even go there for her weekly cream bath and monthly “root touch-up”. Some of FD members even claimed that their grandmothers used to be Itje’s loyal customers!

Yes, Itje Her Salon has been around since the 80’s but instead of slowly fading and getting beaten by competitors like others, Itje Her keeps going strong. The salon location at Jl. Cipete Raya was recently rennovated and now proudly sporting a stylish new building (with elevators!), chic decor and its 3 other branches are still jam-packed with women any day of the week.

Itje Her continous success is due to a few things : complete, head-to-toe service, friendly staff and the strict women-only policy that provides comfort to any woman who wants to treat themselves to a relaxing lulur, massage or cream bath without worrying about being exposed to men.

The service they offer range from the standards like blow dry, makeup, cutting, coloring to extra pampering such as reflexiology, totok wajah, foot spa, bleaching, hair mask and many more. They also offer waxing service that I happen to try a few days ago. I was quite suprised at how quick and efficient their staff did the waxing on my legs that it was almost painless (well as painless as waxing gets of course). I was typing some text messages and before I knew it, the service was done. Excellent! They also have waxing for upper lips, bikini line, underarms, arms, stomach, neck. Basically wherever hair grows, they’re willing to yank it out of you! :D

I have to mention that all the services in Itje Her Salon is very affordable. Specifically, the leg wax only cost me Rp. 22.500 while the other wax services cost from Rp. 12.500.

With service so efficient, staff so friendly and at such affordable price, need I go anywhere else?

Itje Her Hair & Salon

Jl. Cilandak Tengah 1 No 5. Jakarta 1240
Telp: 021 – 7501712

Jl. Cipete raya No 64. Jakarta 12410
Telp: 021 – 7501840

Jl. Wijaya X No 7. Jakarta 12160
Telp: 021 – 7252504

Jl. Cipete 1 No 8. Jakarta 12410
Telp: 021 – 7692143