We Are One Campaign

Who hasn’t worn CK One at some point in their lives? I used to wear it, my brother used to wear it, I even saw a bottle of it on my dad’s bathroom cabinet many years ago. CK One is still one of the iconic fragrances of my generation (and for my dad’s too apparently :) ) and like so many other iconic things, it is bound to be relaunched.

Calvin Klein is planning to reintroduce CK One franchise with a new TV campaign that will be launched on Jan.20, on the same day that President-elect Barrack Obama will be inaugurated.

The campaign is called ‘We Are One’ and it is inspired by a social movement of people coming together in the spirit of unity. “There is such a natural synergy between the message of the campaign and the essence of our new president’s platform that it seemed the ideal moment to share the TV spot. The campaign — and its original song — give voice to an optimistic new generation, that certainly made its voice heard in the latest election. This is a celebration of the power of coming together as one.” said Catherine Walsh, senior vice president of American fragrances for Coty Prestige. The original song is written and performed by British musician Jamie Burke who is also appearing on the TV and print ads for this campaign. Francis Lawrence filmed the TV spot, which includes 30- and 60-second cuts. Steven Meisel shot the print ad.

Coty is reinforcing the music ties with a limited edition version of CK One. The bottle, which is emblazoned with the words “We are one” in a number of languages, is set into a base which includes a removable MP3 speaker. It will retail for $50.

The print ad, featuring Jamie Burke with models of all shapes, sizes and skin tones, will begin running in February fashion, beauty, lifestyle and music magazines in the U.S. The campaign will also be online at Ckone.com by the end of this month.

What do you think of this new campaign guys?