Making Your Online Advertising Works!

I attended a seminar held by the master of online marketing, Nukman Luthfie, earlier this month. Marketing has always been a long time passion of mine, I graduated with marketing degree for my undergraduate, I even owned a blog called during my senior year. That was back in 2001-2002,  but I was too busy with assignments and everything so I let it neglected and eventually closed it.

Anyway, this seminar  is focusing on the web 2.0 marketing. We all know that our time is spent mostly in front of the internet..RIGHT? I doubt anyone in here watch more TV than they do using the Internet. I my self never watch TV anymore, I probably turned it on in my room whenever I’m getting ready, getting dressed and getting my make up done for about 30 minutes. But I have never turned it on to specifically sit down and watch it!. Okay, maybe on a rare occasion that I happen to be at home on Saturday night, I’ll turn it on to watch Extravaganza, but even that, I would still have my laptop on my lap..:)

So, with this new habit that people have acquired, marketers have to shift a little bit of their strategies, they have to follow the trend and find where their consumers are!!.

Google, Yahoo, Blogger, WordPress, Facebook, Friendster and Kaskus are ranked in the top ten visited website that are clicked through this country. Those data can summarize that people do their research. When they are looking for something, they type the keyword in Google/Yahoo search and those search engines will lead them to any website that has article  related to the keyword. Most of the time, they will be lead to someone’s blog (this explains why blogger and wordpress are in there since these two platforms are Google friendly) who have written something about the keyword. If you see Fashionese Daily Statistic there are A LOT of people every minute who come here by typing all kind of keywords, mainly make up brands, skincare, beauty salon, designers, high street brands, sales info and so many other things.

Facebook, Friendster and the likes are a powerful communication tools and a lot of companies are creating their profiles in social network, hoping to get connected with their customers (who happen to be linked to hundreds other people who are linked to thousands other people). Fortune 500 companies are involved in social media because it’s been proven that by engaging in social media increasing their relationship with their customers and increase sales. Some big companies like Ford and Toyota even have a department to handle the company’s brand on every social networks available. Social networking really is the new word of mouth, it works the same like traditional word of mouth, only on a bigger scale. I know maybe it’s kinda hard to grab the idea but have you ever go on to try a new restaurant just because your friend said in her Facebook status or in Twitter or Plurk that she just had the yummiest Tiramisu on that particular restaurant? That’s how powerful it is, without you even realizing the marketing aspect of it.  Kaskus, and of course FD Blogs are proof that people love to interacts, we like to share information and make/ask recommendations. I believe that by observing and engaging in the forum a brand owner can gain more insight than from traditional customer surveys.

If we look at what a brand wants, of course the company wants to build the brand, deliver accurate information, they want to reach customer, they want to do some market research, all of those are done in hope to drive sales. And guess what, they can do those things online with a low budget that will result in high impact, if it’s done correctly. That’s why brands that don’t utilize Internet are missing on A LOT of things!! Do they depend on their sales associate to deliver accurate information? Yea right, FDers know that most of the time, the sales associates are so misinformed and clueless about their products. And Obama would not have won the election if not for his brilliant online campaign team.

One of the sessions in the seminar was Optimizing Online Advertising on by Hugo diba. When you are looking from statistic alone, of course the big portal like or is just so high up there I don’t think any local website can compete with But the good thing is, a big and horizontal portal like that is not always the effective place to advertise. Right now, vertical portal is the way to go. Vertical portal, sometimes called a vortal, is a web that caters to a specific industry, like the websites lined in the image above (taken from the Pak Nukman power point presentation..:) ). There’s not a doubt that advertise in Vortal is more effective than in horizontal portal. Case in point: Ads in performs better than those placed in

All in all, it was a day full of useful information and to top it off, it was closed with a humorous and enjoyable presentation by Budiman Hakim. Perfect!!