Fashion Exploration: Overture in Harmony

“Fashion Exploration: Overture in Harmony” was the title of the two-day shows recently held by APPMI (Asosiasi Perancang Pengusaha Mode Indonesia), on December 3rd and December 4th, 2008. Arriving from 8 Indonesian provinces, the designers who are also members of APPMI, brought in various inspirations to their collections. Although they had different views of the upcoming 2009 fashion trend, each of them shared one common mission: exploring Indonesian cultures.

Despite of the fact that their aim was to show the trend forecast of 2009, I didn’t see anything new. On the first day, almost every designers used beads, lace, and the “usual” Indonesian pretty details. Those who offered cutting edge fashion and new innovative prints mostly came from Bali, Bandung and of course, Jakarta.

On the other hand, I am certain that there are a lot of Indonesian beauties which haven’t been explored. So let’s hope we would be seeing big improvement in future collections of talented Indonesian designers on the next “Tendance de la mode” show.

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Photos by Cheyqua

  • Ragil

    foto pertama.. Tifa ya? celana/leggingnya keren deh.. foto kedua terakhir lucu banget bajunya.. reminds me of the sound of music..

  • Hanzky

    Ragil…iya bener itu Tifa..:))

  • Tifa

    hihihi gue jadi malu liat muka gw diatas runway.. sok sexy bgt :D.

    che, lo ga ambil foto pas anne avantie yg katanya keren itu yah?

  • BDJ

    Ho ho ho Tifa….you look gorgeous!

  • Thress

    Outlook is simple and it is so smart. Textile for skirt is to heavy and texture is not perfect.Who is the designer ? I think is important to expose the designer. It is his/her creation.

  • Nila

    Indonesian fashion should definitely start making its way here in Toronto, Canada. We already have Korean, HK, Japanese, and other Asian based fashion style; we’re only missing Indonesian.

  • ray

    Mbak Hanzky, foto ke dua, yg pegang tas itu siapa ya? tifa juga ya?

  • JURIS..!!!

    itu yang material nya kain lurik dahsyat juga
    padahal kesan na selama ini kan kain lurik itu kasar, dan ‘desa’ banget
    keren deh !!!

  • nia

    setuju..yg kain lurik itu “dahsyat” bgt, kesan selama ini tak berlaku lagi. Dan, iya ya…photo yg ke-2 dan ke-3 itu siapa ya, kok beda bgt dengan foto nya tifa yg pertama dan ketiga? apa karena make-up nya ya? trus, maksudnya Nila itu apa “….definitely start making its way here in Toronto, Canada…dst”