Thakoon and Hayden-Harnett in store NOW at Target!

To those who were impatiently waiting for the newest GO International designer collaboration with Target, especially those of you in the forum. Wait no more! Thakoon and Hayden-Harnett are available TODAY at Target. If you’re not in the States, get ready to custom purchase them through generous US-based FDers or maybe they would pop up anytime soon at FD’s Market Plaza. 

Below is a brief bio about the two designers that I’ve compiled from various sources:

  • Thakoon Panichgul is a Thai-born American designer. He was born in Northern Thailand, then moved to the United States when he was 11 years old, and grew up in Omaha, Nebraska. Since his early years, Thakoon always had interests in photography and an eye for styling. After graduating from Boston University with a business degree, he moved to New York and later worked as an editor at Harper’s Bazaar. Thakoon discovered that his ideas were often conceived through a designer’s point of view, and he eventually pursued formal studies at Parsons School of Design. In September 2004, Thakoon produced his first ready to wear collection, and quickly became a favorite with the fashion press, top editors, stylists, and celebrities.  He is known for his timeless feminine designs which are as romantic and sensual as they are modern and innovative.
On his collection for Target, I totally love that he uses a mix of eclectic prints. My favorite is the Shibori print on his dress, top, skirt and cardigan, which reminds me a lot of our own Indonesian batik. This could be my first batik-inspired dress which I could wear next spring and summer. The print looks abstract, minimalist and geometrical enough, which I LOVE the most, not too crowded and overpowering, and very monochromatic in colors. Learn more about Thakoon here, and view his complete collection for Target here.  
  • Hayden-Harnett is a New York-based designer duo; Toni Hacker and Ben Harnett. They started their company on April 1st, 2005, setting up an ad-hoc office in their Greenpoint, Brooklyn apartment, and shipping bags one at a time to customers from their kitchen. Hayden-Harnett combines modern fabrication with a classic sensibility. Toni has ten years of experience in industrial design (eight years in handbags) to the company while Ben left behind a budding career as an encyclopedia writer/IT director/poet/scholar to join his handbag obsessed girlfriend on a mission to create a fashion line that refused to compromise on either style or function. Learn more about Hayden-Harnett here, and view its complete collection at Target, here. Or at FD forum thread
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