Splurge & Steal : Deliciously Chocolate For Your Skin

For those who are having ultra dry skin like me and would like to find solace in their body lotion to get rid of the crocodile looking skin, look no further.

Splurge on Laura Mercier Chocolate Truffle Souffle Body Crème at $55 for 12oz if you want to give your body a little reward. With whipped texture which is ultra light and absorbs quickly to the skin without being heavy or greasy, it felt like an ice water that quenches your thirst on the hottest day. Vitamins A, E & F will give the nourishment that your skin needs and Shea butter provides the much needed all-day moisture protection. As a bonus, this soufflé also includes creamy espresso in its ingredient and caffeine has been known to help minimize the appearance of stretch marks. The mixture of almond, chocolate scent mixed with a blend of vanilla, sweet maple & honey topped with rose will make you go ooh-ing in the morning. It’s so delicious that I swear everytime my hand goes near my nose, I almost forget my self and wants to lick my arms.

Or choose The Body Shop Brazil Nut Whip Body Lotion for a steal. Their Brazil Nut line is very much recommended for the dry skin as it helps to moisturizes and soften skins. The lotion also contains Babassu oil which helps to give extra moisturizer on top of what Brazil nut can do for your skin. So that’s 2 things doing 1 job for your dry skin. It’s airy and fluffy texture whipped to perfection makes it easy to absorb to your skin. It has the same delicious smell but sweeter and stronger nutty scent that will leave you feeling hungry in the morning. For $16 or Rp 119,000 for 8.4 oz it’s a real steal because a little goes a long way for this lotion. Just 2 pumps is enough for your entire arms and legs.