My Friend and His Dream

A few days ago, I went to see the screening of three films – all winners of Jiffest Script Development Contest 2007. One of them is made by a good friend of mine, Erwin Indrawan.

Erwin have always loved movies. We used to talk for hours about films we love or hate, actors and actresses, films we’d like to see and everything else about movies until the cafe we were at had to close for the night. As much as I love them though, my enthusiasm still can not match Erwin’s passion for motion pictures. But loving them is soo different than making them, right?

Well apparently not according to Erwin.

A few days before the screening we chatted on YM and he told me to keep my expectations low. I told him I pretty much had none because to me, getting your script developed into a film is already an achievement on its own. But when the first few seconds of “The Visit” started, I already had goosebumps because I knew it was going to be a great one!

I read the script so I sort of knew what the story is about but I was blown away by how well he managed to translate the script into pictures. I am no expert and I don’t have the slightest clue about movie-making but all I know that it was well-executed, the pictures were gorgeous and there are details of some scenes that made me think “Wow, excellent touch!”

Granted, the acting of some of the cast can be improved but I am sure it is not easy to find amateurs who can really act and bearing in mind that my friend has very minimal film-making experience, I must conclude that this is an amazing first attempt.

I came out of the theatre with a mixture of feelings. Proud, happy and inspired. Erwin has gone after his dream and is now living it. I know he stumbled upon some problems on his way there (some so big, I can’t even begin to imagine how to deal with it, if it happened to me) but he didn’t give up. I’m sure many people have had dreams of becoming a director, writing their own script and directing it but very few take the steps to actually do it. My friend Erwin Indrawan is one of the few.

I’m glad I came to the screening. Not only I got to see an awesome short film made by a dear friend, but it also left me with a newfound fighting spirit.

Thanks win! :)

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