Project .madness.

Another Indonesian hidden gem discovered! madness is an accessory collective, designed by Ajeng Dewi Swastiari, Bonnie Natasha Arif and Vannie Astecat; three talented Indonesian designers studying at La Salle College Jakarta (_& yes, they’re young, all in their twenties)

Based in Jakarta, madness is infusing our very own culture and heritage into a series of eclectic accessories, from necklaces, head pieces, headbands, to shawls and scarves. Using Indonesian rich materials, traditional textiles, and unique handcraft creativity, madness sends a bold statement through its quirky, unpredictable and innovative accessories. 

I admire that madness is not avoiding traditional elements, but instead embracing them without literary screaming “ethnic”.

madness is modern in design, stunningly cutting-edge and filled with playful details. Joining other Indonesian talents into the global fashion scene, madness has been featured on Teen Vogue last November, Gen Art Pulse, refinery29 and several overseas-based online media. If you’re a frequent visitor of Grand Indonesia, you could find madness at Alun-Alun IndonesiaI’m sure a lot of FDers have spotted madness accessories over there!

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madness at Alun-Alun Indonesia

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