12. Little Black Drapes

Who: Forgive me ladies, we have another anonymous street snap target today :p
Where: Pacific Place, Jakarta
What: The little black dress with drapery accent + the statement beltĀ + the fabulous shoes = looking great.

Photo by Cheyqua

  • rere

    love the shoes! unik banget…

  • Ragil

    kerennnn.. love the dress, belt dan sepatunya yang ‘menarik’ banget. Jam tangannya juga keren tuh hehehe..

  • piscanilie

    Cute en cute dresss .. nice outfit!!

  • http://vanya.richoz.org vanya

    cantik :)
    outfitnya juga bagus :)

  • chint13

    she looks great!
    yup yup.. the shoes are so unique ;)

  • merahgonjreng

    wow…love from head to toe.. itu belt ama shoes nya apa ya? cakep.

  • itie

    me luv the look! totally..

  • http://www.cocomomo.co.cc ayang-cocomomo

    gorgeous! her belt stealing my heart!

  • sisil

    she’s pretty and of course nice outfit! :)

  • http://shizuoka.multiply.com shizuoka

    i love the statement belt!!

  • http://sheillaluciana.net/thediary Sheilla

    Nice shoes!

  • nanushka

    looking great! :thumbup:
    nice combo btw, but the shoes are drop dead gorgeous!! :love:

  • Leela

    Chik ini istrinya DJ itu ya…mang keren n cantik, sekeluarga itu cakep2…me luv d belt n shoesnyah!

  • disti

    wah mantep nih. her shoes really make the outfit ya.
    suka draping dressnya!!

  • Nuary

    beltnya Lara Bohinc kah?

    CMIIW ><

  • missmarshmallow

    nice simple black dress,,,hehe basic always cool,,,n black n white never out of date,,shoesnya ok bgt,,

  • http://shopcottoncandy.multiply.com astridikhsan

    she has great style…ini Dewi Ivo kan?

  • http://www.friendster.com/djurish JURIS..!!!

    everything just perfect
    yang paling gw suka belt na
    point of interest di aats black dress na
    trus nice shoes !!!!

  • Snowglobe

    Love the look from head to toe :)

  • seken3436

    dia manis, spokat dan belt nya KEREN!!
    just love it!

  • http://www.cuomova.blogspot.com cheyqua

    astridikhsan: hehehe si DYS sempet bertanya-tanya tuh, Dewi Ivo apa bukan.. tapi gua sama hanzky taunya Astri Ivo.. hihi.. beneran nih, payah bener gua sampe lupa nanyain namanya.. maen minta poto aje, brasa udah kenal :D

  • candrakirana

    I love her statement belt and those shoes, man, ils sont adorables!

  • http://www.slesta.com sLesTa

    iya ini dewi ivo.. adeknya astri ivo emang.

  • http://www.slesta.com sLesTa

    halah, jadi lupa komen.. nice outfit yaa! love the dress!

  • onenicme

    Luv d’ belt and the shoes..

  • vylette

    love the shoes&belt!! complements the dress well

  • Vonne

    love the bag & belt :)

  • vitsky

    Love everything from head to toe!

  • rully

    so far this is my fav from street snap…

  • purplerebel

    love the dress. love the shoes. but i honestly am not sure about both being put together. love her smile too!

  • ramen^^

    love the shoes!!

  • leather&lace

    if i’m not mistaken, the shoes are from balenciaga S/S 06

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