First Week of December

Let’s see..this week is gonna be quite an eventful week. Yesterday, I had an appointment with Dr. Wong Tercinta…hehehe..I’ll write about it in FD blog, I’m planning to document my skin before and after..:D. When I told him I’m from Fashionese Daily, he was like..”Coba coba coba, Fashionese Daily itu apa sih, banyak lho yang kesini katanya dari Fashionese Daily. Ayo duduk lagi coba terangin saya”..hehehe. I promised to give him the link to the thread about him.

Planned to meet cik Deborah today at Senayan City tonight, tapi nggak tau nih kok nggak ada kabarnya lagi yahh..can’t wait to see youuu cik dundan!. But I might not go though since I have a lot of works to do plus I need to pump more milk for tomorrow for the ‘Making Your Online Advertising Works’ by Pak Nukman and Mbak Iim. I’m so eager about this workshop, always love listening to presentation and moving speech.

Thursday, we’ll have a meeting regarding FD Makeup Class. Hopefully by Thursday we’ll have a venue set for our next make up classes so we can move on and start arranging other things.

Friday, I’ll have to attend a press conference at Blowfish for Festival Batik Nusantara & Show Trend IPMI ’08 (note to myself, must RSVP by Wednesday!). After that off to welcome the long weekend, I might go to Bandung on Saturday…YAY!

Other than those mentioned above, I still have a (very) long list of things to do. I need some serious help in acquiring time management skill!