Just to remind everyone..

..that the index page (www.fashionesedaily.com) is the main entrance of Fashionese Daily, there will be contents that can only be accessed from there such as Inside Her Bag, Streetsnap and Editor’s Pick. Make sure you point your mouse in the right direction so you don’t miss out of those great columns. We know this needs some getting used to but trust us, it won’t take long for you to get familiar with the new approach..:)

For the following Streetsnap posts, comments will be moderated. This is to ensure that the people featured in there won’t hate us after they read the not so nice comments…and also to ensure the safety of our personnel, especially Cheyqua..:D. It’s obvious that those are not candid pictures, Cheyqua asked for a picture of them, gave them her Fashionese Daily name cards and told them to check their pictures here. We realize that we all have different tastes in fashion and it’s perfectly fine to not like the way the subject is dressed, it is also fine to comments about what you don’t like about the outfit or what you would have done differently, but please keep your comments respectable and leave the comments about the subject’s physical feature off of here.

We will force new rules for the seller in MarketPlaza soon..the rules will be posted in the forum, so for the active seller, please keep an eye on the update.

We also have a new section called Online Shop (see the tab in the menu header). If you own an online shop and want your shop to be featured in there, ask us how! (email: info@fashionesedaily.com)

Clinique Happy Day contest is still open for anyone fancy a goody bag filled with products worth of a million rupiahs (there will be 10 of them, by the way). Read more abour it here.

That’s all the update from us. We know you dread Monday, so if anyone have tips on how to beat the Monday Morning Blues..let’s share them here…:))