Maxim: The Excessive Sweating Saviour

Those of you with excessive sweating must know how awful this can be. Wet again after only an hour or two out of the shower, disgusting stain under your armpit that makes you afraid of lifting your arm, and many other things excessive sweating can impact your everyday life. Excessive sweating or hyperhidrosis can be caused by many factors, hereditary is just one of them, but I won’t go too deep discussing what caused it, rather I’d prefer to offer a solution to it that I’ve tried myself. The lil magic bottle is called Maxim, I called it magic because, so far it is the only one that works (except botox of course, but that’s another topic). I’ve tried many brands of deodorants and anti perspirants, but none of them work like Maxim does. Sure, some of them worked okay at first, but after a while, your body adjusted to it and became immune. Maxim is conveniently available online from and can ship internationally to our own advantage. A bottle will make you poorer by $13.95, and will be cheaper if you buy in packs of four (which is what I did). International shipping to our country is considered affordable too ($9 for packs of four). This product is not meant to be used everyday, and works best when applied before bed. When I first got it, I was probably too excited and skipped reading the leaflet first. I used it everyday after shower (like a normal deodorant) and it gave me an irritation that hurts like hell.

On the first day of using it, I can instantly feel this product working. Other parts of my body can be wet with sweat, but my underarms stayed dry like they were supposed to be. Now, I’m on my third month using it, and still this product works like the first time I applied it. Let me tell you that Maxim is totally odorless, and since you can only use it sparingly, you might still need another brand of deodorant to cover for non Maxim days. I obviously do not work for Maxim, but I can go on and on praising this product, since it is truly the one and only that I can find so far to combat my excessive sweating problem. Just remember, should you decide to try it, to read the leaflet thoroughly and follow the usage instructions. Do not let your underarms become irritated like mine did because it certainly wasn’t fun. Ladies with the same problem as mine, look no further and give this a try.

*Special thanks to dunia_dandan for introducing me to this product.

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