FD For Breast Cancer Charity Event

We are so happy to announce that Fashionesedaily will be purchasing 10 tickets to World Pink, World Without Breast Cancer : A Charity Event which will be held on November 16, 2008 at the Fountain Area – Grand Indonesia Shopping Town. This is possible because of the generosity of our own forum members who donated a sum of money during FD bakti sosial activity last Ramadhan. FD Baksos was initiated by the fabulous Tinkerbell and supported by many FD forum members. We managed to donate the collected clothes, food and money to a number of orphanages, institutions and other communities in need. You can read about the activities here.

Anyway, from what is left in this charity fund, we feel that it is appropriate to donate some of them to this worthy cause. After all, 100% of the selling price of these tickets will be donated to Yayasan Kesehatan Payudara Jakarta - an organization which is committed to deplete the late-stadium breast cancer cases in Jakarta by the year 2020 by raising awareness on the importance of early detection.

So, now we have 10 tickets to the event. What do we do with them? Give them back to you, of course! After all, this is all possible because of your donations so there are no other people who deserve to go to the event (and get those goody bags) than our forum members!

Here’s how you can win these tickets :

  • You must be our registered forum member
  • Please state your forum id/nick in the comment box below and tell us, what we can do to lower our risk of having breast cancer (for example, quit smoking, breastfeed, etc) or living a healthy life in general
  • Before you participate, please make sure you will be able to come to the event if you win (click on below image for details) otherwise, the ticket will automatically go to the next member in line
  • Contest is only open until November 10. So hurry!

We will choose 5 winners who will each get 2 (two) invitations to come to World Pink, World Without Breast Cancer : A Charity Event, where they will be able to watch the talk show “Early Detection for Breast Cancer”, with high-profile speakers such as Okky Asokawati, Melly Goeslaw and many more. The attendees will be served high tea and some entertainment from Saung Angklung Udjo (I’ve seen these guys, they are really good!). They will also get great goody bags from Estee Lauder, Clinique, Wacoal, Female Magazine and Grand Indonesia.

If you are also interested to buy invitations to this event on your own, please call 021 5201858 at ext. 4243 (Hendra) or 4210 (Ria Wulandari).

Special thanks to Lena for such an excellent idea!

Image credit pro.corbis.com