Mercantile Club MAC Makeup Demo

Last Thursday, October 16, we were invited to a make up demo event held by the prestigious Mercantile club. In case you haven’t heard, Mercantile club is an exclusive private club for the upper echelons of the business world. By joining the club, you and your company can enjoy the facilities and amenities that the club has to offer such as meeting rooms complete with secretarial service, clubs and fine dining to entertain your guests, catering service for business luncheon or social gatherings, party, exhibitions and even wedding reception. Not only that, Mercantile Club also regularly update you with whatever happening in the industry and they always throw forums or gatherings for their members., it’s a networking gateway that will open doors for your company. So if your company is not a member of this club yet then you need to propose it to the big boss..:D You can visit their website for more info.  http:/

The Host, wearing purple dress: Amy Zein
Mercantile Club Public Relation Manager, in front of the banner: Vanya Sunanto
Mercantile Club General Manager, next to the banner: Roberto Rossino

This make up demo, sponsored by MAC was conducted as an appreciation night for the secretaries of their members. The event was a lot of FUN!! Picture this: it involves MAC Makeup..(and Darwyn Tse, our favorite makeup artist),  beautiful ladies, witty and talented host (Amy Zein, who is also an FDer), entertaining music from The Trees and The Wild, mouth watering foods and cakes, generous giveaways from the sponsors and a beautiful view of the busy Jl. Sudirman from the Penthouse level. Thank you Mercantile Club for inviting us!

The model, looking gorgeous with the smokey eyes look. Darwyn Tse, MAC Makeup Artist.

Some of the FDers