Tested: Olay In-shower body lotion

I do a lot of water activities (swimming, diving), and while my skin is not particularly dry, it can be if I don’t moisturize right after. I found, however, that it’s particularly unpleasant to wear lotion or cream moisturizers right after swimming because my skin would feel particularly sticky and somehow make me feel warm (I think because the lotions are blocking the perspiration), resulting in sweat and runny lotions. Not pleasant.

Enter Olay In-shower Body Lotion a few months ago. I had read about it in US-based blogs, and kept my eye peeled for it’s arrival in Indonesia. Finally found it quite a few months ago, in a buy 1 get one free deal. Score! I got the Shea Butter and Age Defying variants.

As far as I’m concerned, the in-shower lotion innovation is on par with sliced bread. It’s a hassle free and effective way to moisturize. After soaping and rinsing, you rub the lotion all over your body, and then rinse. You don’t even have to wait before rinsing (unlike for hair conditioners), you can do it right away. Sometimes after putting on the lotion I brush my teeth first before rinsing, but I actually haven’t detected any difference between leaving the lotion on for a few minutes versus rinsing right away.

The results?

Smooth and supple skin even after one use! There is a feeling that there is a thin layer of moisture on top of your skin; the feeling and the smoothness last a really long time, up to half a day (12 hours). I found no difference between the two variants I tried in terms of their moisturizing capabilities, fragrance or even texture. I find the fragrance tolerable, it’s not unpleasant, feels clean and slightly flowery, and doesn’t last very long (longer than I’d have liked though). It would be nice if they can improve on the fragrance.

My skin is not particularly dry, so I only use the lotion after water-related activities, where salts and chlorine make my skin feel tight. I’ve recently started using it on my feet on days I feel too tired to rub moisturizer on them (I wear open-toed shoes and sandals often, so my feet can look scaly at the end of the day). Just a squirt of the Olay In-shower Body Lotion on each foot, rub them together while I brush my teeth, then rinse. Voila, moisturized, happy feet! Just take care to step carefully around the bathroom since it can be slippery while you rub and rince. The Olay In-shower Body Lotion costs about Rp 26,000, and can be found at all major drugstores and supermarkets.

photos: www.olay.com