Tested: ALTERNA Caviar Anti Aging Moisture Shampoo

image: gorgeousshop.co.uk

What do Kimora Lee Simmons and I have in common? We both female, of Asian descent – that’s obvious – but we also, at some point, both put caviar on our hair.

The queen of opulence maybe buy it by a truckload, but I got my sample size bottle of Alterna Anti Aging moisture shampoo for free as part of Beauty.com GWP long time ago. As the brand that incorporate the most luxurious ingredients to its product (white truffle shampoo, anyone?), Alterna cost $30 for 8.5 oz (compare that with Ojon Ultra Hydrating shampoo, $18 for the same size). I’ve read about caviar shampoo long time ago and remember thinking that it was one of those outlandish idea. I mean, who want to put fish eggs on their hair? Caviar’s place is on top of a cracker or toast, not on your head! But since I already got it, I decided to give it a try.

Checking their website, I was swoon by the sweet promises: Alterna caviar anti aging is a comprehensive line of product that have been damaged by life’s daily stresses (me!), environmental factors, chemical process and premature aging (ehm…. well….). … this line of product helps minimize the visible sign of aging and improves the overall appearance of hair. … three key ingredients: caviar extract – a rich source of Omega 3 fatty acids; Vitamin C, a proven anti-oxidant (I take supplements of fish oil and Vitamin C everyday, it’s healthy, right?), and Cytokines to encourage micro circulation. The result is truly revitalized and youthful looking hair, immediately.. (promise??)

image: beautysac.com

ALTERNA Caviar collection, image: themakeupdivas.blogspot.com

Let me tell you about my hair. My hair is thin and fine, although look straight but there are wavy part to it. I know it’s confusing – that’s the kind of hair you get when your dad could easily sport an Afro and your mom’s straight hair fit the Sunsilk ad. I have visible grays but don’t dare yet to color it, too afraid that the chemicals will further ruin the hair. I’ve noticed the receding hair line on my temple for the last few years, and I’ve took enough hair off my brush to make a wig. I have to wash every other day because of the build up, made worse by summer’s humidity and high temperature at where I live. My hair can go from poufy to flat in no time that normally I will just resort to pony tail. Sounds like the perfect candidate for anti aging hair product, am I not?

On the first whiff, I’m loving the scent. It smells nice, nothing fishy here, a familiar soft scent but yet I can’t put a name to it. I was expecting to smell something briny, something ocean-y… you know, the “natural ingredients” products sometimes unwisely decided to be too literal when it comes to the scent. On my first try, I decided not to follow with conditioner. My hair feel fine afterward, where usually it will become coarse and unmanageable without conditioner. As I continue using the shampoo, I noticed that my hair become less frizzy (that was an achievement, it was August here, people!), more manageable even without blow drying. From the outward appearance, I don’t think my hair look any thicker or shinier. I also don’t see more growth, although I notice there were slightly less hair stuck to my brush. In my opinion, an anti aging hair product should promote growth and strengthen the strands. Truly revitalized and youthful looking hair were not the results I got, so, this product not really working for me.

My free sample bottle finished in a month, and that’s the end of caviar on my hair. I don’t think I’m willing to fork $30 for a full size bottle, although now I’m curious on how Alterna work their white truffle line (for starter, I hate the earthy smell of white truffle oil!). In conclusion, maybe my similarity with Kimora stop at gender and race. Even when I use the same luxurious product as she does, my tresses do not look anything like hers. Well, let Kimora eat her caviar and wash her hair with it too!

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