The Cooling Effect

Imagine this.

It’s another hot day in Jakarta. You have plenty of chores to finish yet nothing seems to go your way. You just realized your atm card was left in the machine. You go to the bank only to be told you need to wait a whole week to get a new card. Now you can’t do any transaction plus you’re late to a meeting. You wait for a cab on the side of the street but none show up. You are now sweating, tired, hungry and even later than before, standing hopelessly watching one of Jakarta’s worst traffic jams that showed no signs of moving. What’s worse, ojeg guys won’t stop harassing you to go with them. Left with no choice, you finally decided to hop on one of the ojeg which was proven to be a pretty bad decision since the driver has a penchant for driving right behind buses that blows black smoke up your face making you suffocated. You finally get to the meeting point but the person already left. You tried to apologize over the phone but she won’t take your calls.

So you go home feeling defeated. Your clothes, face and hair are dirty and smelly. You take a look at yourself in the mirror and yikes! Dandruff are falling all over your black top. You walk into the bathroom to take a nice, long shower that hopefully can drain the bad day out of your system. What shampoo do you use?

Head & Shoulder Refreshing Menthol.

Cooling, invigorating, refreshing sensation on your scalp after a shower and it’s just what you need after a series of bad luck that almost made your head explode.

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