What Does One Wear to A Funeral?

Before anyone make any judgments about how silly it is thinking about outfits to wear to a funeral..I know that what matter most is that we being there, the mourning family would be too emotional to even think about the guests’ outfits. But I believe that we go to a funeral to show sympathy, support and respect..and one of the ways to show respect is by dressing appropriately.

In the West, people are really concern about what to wear to a funeral, it’s common that they even have to shop for the appropriate clothes before attending the service. We’ve all seen movies with a funeral scene where the men are wearing black suits and women are stylishly wearing their black trench coat or black pencil skirt or black dress, carrying a big black umbrella or wearing a flowy wide brim hat and oversize sunglasses. Polished black shoes are often the norm too.

I don’t know what’s the norm here because the last time I attended a funeral was back in 1992 so I have never thought about it up until last night when I went to a memorial service of my friend’s dad. I didn’t see a sea of black colors at the service, basically any colors were present, just not the overly bright colors. I also noticed that the ladies were wearing conservative or modest outfits which is perfect for the occasion especially when there’s a religious service involved. Bringing pashmina is good idea too, you can wear it as kerudung or just throw it over your shoulder.

Anyone dare to wear what Samantha wore when she attended Miranda’s mom funeral?