Goodies Under IDR 100K : Bodycology Body Cream

I have seen Bodycology brand a few times in some supermarket but I never paid attention because I thought it’s just another Bath & Body Works wannabe. Until yesterday I was picking up some toilettries at Sogo Food Hall (is the entire supermarket called Food Hall or just the food section? I’m always confused). I checked out a few brands including Bodycology and found myself pleasantly surprised. It is a Bath & Body Works wannabe but with half the price and the same quality!

I decided to purchase one of their body creams – the Coconut Lime scented one and it smells positively delicious! All sweet and creamy with a little hint of citrus, perfect for an after morning shower ritual. It smells similar to Bath & Body Works Coconut Lime Verbena but maybe a little less strong. The cream itself is not bad either. Quite light, non-greasy and moisturizes fairly well. It also contains aloe vera, shea butter, Vitamin C & E. Another plus point is the smell lasts a long time. It’s 4.15 PM now and I can still smell a hint of creaminess on my skin. I think this body cream will be nice to layer with a coconutty or beach-y perfumes such as Creed Virgin Island Water, Bobbi Brown Beach or Michael Kors Island Hawaii.

Oops, almost forgot to mention the price. It’s only IDR 54,000! And for 220 ml of luxurious and delicious-smelling cream, it’s pretty hard to beat!

Bodycology body cream is available in Sogo Foodhall. Also comes in Pink Grapefruit, Vanilla Musk, Warm Sunburst, Peach Mango, Fresh Waters, White Gardenia, Sweet Petals, Vanilla Buttercream and Juicy Pomegranate.

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