High-End Green Bags?

If you read wikipedia, green bags mean inexpensive reusable shopping bags. These bags are meant to carry groceries and to replace plastic bags that have been making great contributions to global warming. These bags are meant to help cooling down our lovely planet earth on the lowest price possible. But, fashion people have simply changed that.

Who would not love to be seen carrying meat and veggies in Anya Hindmarch’s I’m Not A Plastic Bag? These bags were low in bucks but somehow the prices sky rocketed due to drastic difference in low supply vs high demand. It was a Limited Edition vs Unlimited People who were willing to pay so much for the bag.

Most green bags only cost a buck, but buying a bag that has no fashion statement whatsoever left me with a light flush of guilty. I have some though, but I got them for free. And unless I can wear it for other than carrying groceries, I’d rather spend a bit more for cool colorful green bags on Baggu Bags.

Which is the reason why we craved to have Anya Hindmarch’s I’m Not a Plastic Bag, and why smart people use the ‘excuse’ of green bags when what they want to sell is really ‘fashion’ and ‘brands’. And so today Walmart and Carrefour have more competitors that are from different levels.

These designer green bags are the answers. You can wear it to fancier places other than pasar and Carrefour. Although some of them are not wallet-friendly, they are extremely environmentally friendly. But then again, anyone who tosses them in the bin must be crazy.

*Images sources: New York Daily News, Bag Ladies, Purse Blog, Getty Images and Fashion Row