Project Runway Show at New York Fashion Week

I’d like to share a glimpse of New York Fashion Week as promised on my last post. The initial plan was to hit the streets around Bryant Park with purplerebel but sadly, the weather during these past few days hasn’t been really friendly. Rain and thunderstorm have been showering the Big Apple for nearly a week, and we’re forced to cancel our photo hunting. On top of that, my crazy workload wasn’t helpful either to schedule our meet up, by the time I get off from work it’s pretty late and dark to shoot, dan pasti pingin buka puasa dulu =)  I guess the street snaps which purplerebel and I have envisioned, would have to be postponed for a while =(

Fortunately, the lady of fortune is still on our side. My dear sister was invited to see the Project Runway show at the Tent in Bryant Park on Friday morning, the last day of New York Fashion Week. Immediately, I told her to take some candid shots of the show. Although at first, we weren’t sure whether she could sneak a camera in but I forced her anyway =p  Trying not to spoil the finale’s result of the show which is currently airing with six designers left, so on this fashion week, the show at the Tent decided to feature six collections from the remaining six designers. No winner has been announced, and I’m so glad that my favorite designer was among the chosen one.

*click on the photo above to view larger size, photo by MS

I would really love to spill out the remaining six designers who were on the show. But, since I have no clue of the Project Runway’s program schedule in Indonesian TV, and don’t want to ruin the whole excitement of Project Runway’s die-hard fans in Indonesia, it would be better that we all wait till its finale =)

J.Lo was a no-show due to a foot injury, she was supposed to be the guest judge on the show (Victoria Beckham made her appearance on last season’s runway finale). Some celebrities sightings include Rachel Zoe, Michelle Trachtenberg, and Padma Laksmi.

This would be another heavy-photo entry, let’s now enjoy the following candid snapshots of the Project Runway Show at NYFW. *Please mind the low quality photos, we’ve tried hard ;d

Heidi Klum *click on thumbnails

Tim Gunn and the Project Runway judging panels *click on thumbnails

notice that trademark bob? would that be Mrs. Wintour?  hmm..*click on photo

some past contestants of Project Runway *click on thumbnails

collection from my favorite designer of this season’s Project Runway ;d

collection from other designers *again, pls click on photossss 

All photos by MS

For more detail photos, click here.