The Foodie Notes

“Wow, you smell like cupcakes!” exclaimed one taxi driver a few years ago when I was rushing somewhere and wanted to touch up my perfume yet the only thing I could find in my handbag was a Bath & Body Works Warm Vanilla Sugar body spray. Other times, I spent the entire day sniffing my nose because I thought I smelled fruit tart, when in fact it was my co-worker who was wearing Jennifer Lopez Live perfume!

Thanks to the increasing popularity of gourmand fragrances, we can now smell those delectable scents without having to run to the nearest bakery!

The commonly accepted definition of gourmand fragrances is any perfume that contain “edible” notes such as chocolate, vanilla, cinnamon, sugar, bread, rice pudding, pink pepper, caramel, coffee, almond, wheat, liquorices and many more. The first gourmand fragrance was the phenomenal Angel by Thierry Mugler. The fashion designer wanted to create a fragrance that smells “mouth-watering and tasty” that reminds him of his childhood. The perfumer, Oliver Cresp, then whipped up a mixture of Bergamot, Jasmin, red currant, dewberry, honey, patchouli, vanilla, coumarine, chocolate and caramel notes together and so Angel was born in 1994. Today Angel is still as popular as ever and interestingly, people seem to either love it or hate it!

These days you can find gourmand fragrances almost in any perfume house / brand. If you like the really sweet ones you can try :

  • Estee Lauder Pleasure Delight (pomegranate, whipped strawberry meringue, caramel with a sprinkling of sugared rose petals, dewy freesia, white peony and fresh greens)
  • DKNY Charmingly Delicious (red fruit, apple, vanilla)
  • Ralph Hot by Ralph Lauren (cinnamon, almond blossoms, mandarin, mocha cream, orchid, honeysuckle, jasmine, fresh milk, fig, maple, creamy vanilla, amber, musk and sandalwood)

If you like an exotic, unusual yet interesting type of gourmand fragrances, you should try these :

Laura Mercier also has a gourmand fragrance collection called…well The Gourmande Collection consisting of delicious-sounding scents such as Almond Coconut, Tarte Au Citron and Creme Brulee. Hungry anyone?

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