Day 2: APPMI Designers

Sorry for not posting the Jakarta Fashion Week coverage in the right order, I think we’re going to rearrange the published date when everything has been published to make it easier to archive. We have about 5 or 6 more posts to go about JFW, it was a 4-day event and jammed packed with so many interesting shows that we want to share with you here.

The second day was the day that APPMI designers got the chance to showcase their designs. APPMI stands for Asosiasi Perancang Pengusaha Mode Indonesia, founded by Poppy Dharsono. APPMI spirit is to bring authentic/cultured Indonesia fashion to a bigger stage, no wonder that most of the clothes are made out of the beautiful materials from our own backyard. The designers also come from across archipelago, making it easier for local talents to be in the limelight.

Pictures shown below are from the rest of designers that haven’t been featured in “Designers & Their Muses” post. We missed Poppy Dharsono’s ‘Kartini’ Line collection, Jazz Pasay ‘Gadis Palembang’, Gregorius Vici’s, Malik Moestaram’s and a tribute to YSL show from Oka Diputra, so too bad we don’t have pictures to share..:(

As always, photos are taken by Cheyqua..:)

Defrico Audy – Exoticism Minahasa

Putu Aliki

Dwi Iskandar – Attractive Symbols

Ninik Darmawan

Taruna K. Kusmayadi (Ketua APPMI)

Uke ToegiminEthnic Symmetry