Day 3: Metamorphosis, SPOUS by Priyo Oktaviano

Siapa bilang bahan bahan lembut seperti Satin, Chiffon dan Jersey hanya cocok dipakai untuk mereka yang feminine? Priyo just proved that even if you have that ‘dark’ side of you who love mohawk-ish updo, chocker, statement necklace, stack of bold bangles and tough looking shoes, you can still incorporate soft fabric materials into your wardrobe without losing your true identity. With the right choice of colors (beige, copper and different kind of brown), the airy fabrics fit the whole look perfectly. And if these kinds of look don’t suit you, you just need to change the attributes into something less edgy.

Priyo loves butterfly, no wonder that he got his inspiration for this collection from butterfly as well as other insects like grasshopper, bee and cockroach. Eww, I know, “Cockroach?”, you asked. Well, in Priyo’s hands, the cockroach’s anatomy can easily be transformed into beautiful dresses. If you take a look at the collection one by one, the inspiration is apparent from the cutting, the drapery and the volume on the sleeves that resemble cockroach’s wings.

Koleksi SPOUS dapat didapat di:

SPOUS Boutique
– Jl. Lamandau III/21, Kebayoran Baru, Jakarta Selatan
Socialite Boutique - Jl. Hangtuah Raya No. 42, Kebayoran Baru, Jakarta Selatan
Fashion First – Senayan City Lt. 1 KAV 12, Jakarta Selatan

Photo Credit : All photographs by Cheyqua