Day 2: Hijab Chic

I was, ehm, fashionably late, on the second day so I didn’t get to see the show from the very beginning. I missed Merry Pramono and Monika Jufry show. I have to admit that I cannot sketch worth a dime, even if my life is depended on it, not even babies clothes, let alone Moslem wear that I believe is harder to design. For one there’s a limit as to what you can design even though there’s more fabrics involved since it has to be loose and cover the majority of your skin. Some designers also provide the matching veil along with the whole outfit. After that, you still have to play around with the print, the colors, the look, wondering if you should add ruffle, lace, bow or embroidery appliqué or maybe nothing at all? See, it’s easy to go either too simple or too much. From the ones I saw, I like Hanie Hananto’s modern geometric detail, although the last one looks kinda apronish to me..:D and Jeanny Tjahyawatie’s color palettes with tenun detail implanted. Anne Rufaidah’s design in here is too sweet for my taste, the ruffle pants only make it worse since there’s already many things going on at the top.

Hanie Hananto – Square Nation

Jeanny Tjahyawati – Expression

Anne Rufaidah

Fenny Mustafa

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  • Durian

    Model & Warnanya baju bagus2 euy,
    I’m eyeing sepatunya si Jeanny Tjahyawati – Expression,
    Fungky yet chic, cakep bok :D

    Makasih Han buat pics, mwah!

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  • demodeboutiqe

    payet/bordir gak trend lagi ya untuk hijab? too simple 4 me, glamour nya jadi gak keliatan. fenny mustafa design chic and trendy untuk hari2 but not 4 special occasion

  • getafix_panoramix

    Karena aku suka yang simple2, jadi Jeanny Tjahyawatie’s 2 design yang baris pertama masih okelah…yang lainnya…:)
    I prefer Monika Jufry’s style, dari dulu garis rancangannya selalu apa yah? neat & clean yah istilahnya? warnanya juga kalem2…
    Nyokap kebetulan dari dulu suka beli punya dia & mamanya, selain emang kenal ama Moniknya & dapet discount…:D
    Enaknya lagi, kalo kita beli di butiknya trus kurang pas, bisa dibawa ke workshopnya lagi :)

  • Ragil

    wahhh keren-keren bangeeet.. Bisa buat Lebaran hehehhehe

  • slingbaga

    hmm waaa.. gue cuman suka Anne Rufaida
    yang lainnya bukan gue banget hehehe

    di Henny dan Jenny make jilbabnya pada gak rapih gitu, gak enak ngeliatnya deh

  • cresentia judith

    Hanzky… great job bgt dehh .. setia bgt ngeliputnya.. GREAT GREAT GREAT.. ;) senneg bgt kmrn akirnya bertemu langsung. looking forward for another meeting mbak… ;)

  • LiesSupriyanto

    Wahhh thanks Hanzky atas foto2 nya…keren…

  • Farnaz Azima

    Beautiful wear. Very different and unique. Thanks for the inspiration.

  • upi

    bagus-bagus bok.
    jadi susah menentukan yang paling favorit yang mana…

    yang ga terduga en tak terkira, ada satu temen kuliah yang jadi modelnya.. waaaaaa.. ga nyangka bok.

  • RitArif


    I love Jenny T colour… so Soft…. my favourite has to be the bottom right hand one..

    Also notice how most of the designers use Instant Hijabs with no flowers or ribboning… just plain, simple and easy to wear….. with a headband….

    But how come their hijabs aren’t neatly put on?? A bit of a disappointment….

  • silvershore

    Baju Anne Rufaidah yang leher sabrina itu cantiiiik banget, kalo… bukan untuk kerudungan!!!
    Gw ngarti sih, bajunya kudu dibarengin ama daleman turtle neck lengan panjang, namapun untuk pake kerudung yeee. Cuman, rasaan kok jadi bukan chic tapi aneh, sih? Terutama ya di bagian sabrinanya :D Kok jatoh2nya ya kaya baju kedodoran aja.

    Gimana jadinya kalo dipake sama orang yang ngga berbodi model, ye? Apakah nambah aneh ato jadi bagusan? Stralaaah, susah ngebayanginnya :p

  • ketupatkartini

    Im looking for outfit with mid-calf or higher boots!! but I was dissapointed….
    yg banyak malah sepatu2 platform berhak super.

    I like Jeanny also.

    Thanks Hanzky, ga sia2 kmrn ga dateng ke gathering kerusung. oleh2nya WOKEH!

  • CheapChicMom

    Never realized that combination silk, sateen and cotton, and also bold and pastel colors look so easy yet perfect for hijab outfit.
    Those gladiators go so well with hijab too… wow…

    Awesome piece Hanzky… :)